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Re-Vocal <yumakusakabe> Release
■TOHO SPEED 05 Release has been decided 50%dicount off campaign
TOHO SPEED TSVT Release has been decided
■TOHO SPEED 04 Release has been decided
■TOHO SPEED 03 Release has been decided
■TOHO SPEED 02 Release has been decided


2017.11.18 / 14:00 Open
[Guitar + Vocal + DJ / Live Set]
[Member:Irus(Guitar) くさかべゆま(Vocal) ]
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Key Sounds Label Release Party2017@Shibuya asia
2017.08.27 / 14:30 Open
Irus [Guitar + DJ Live Set]

2DM3NTiON Vol.39@Transit Studio (Nagoya)
2017.08.19 / 23:00 Open
Irus、yuma kusakabe、Bucchi [DJ SET + Guitar and Vocal Live Set]

TOHO DANCE NATION @akihabara MOGRA (Tokyo)
[LiLA'c Records]
DJ and Guitar Live SET

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Tr08 /Bumpy-Jumpy: Arrangement、
GuitarTr03、Tr06、Tr09 : Guitar and Bass / Tr05 Mirror:Compose、Arrangement

LAMUNATION 1st Opening Theme:FaV : Guitar and Bass

Tr6.RUNWAY / 秋赤音 :




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